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Here are the FAQ's I have listed below :

  1. I think I saw a Ghost, what could it have been?
  2. How do I know if a spirit / entity is around me?
  3. Someone told me that if I burn sage / put crosses up everywhere / chant holy Mary ( God, Buddha, Master 'so and so' etc.), all entities will leave. Is that true?
  4. How will I know if the spirit / entity has gone?
  5. Can they come back?  I'm scared I'll just make it angry and get worse...
  6. How common are spirit / entity attachments?
  7. Can a spirit / entity / psychic attack make you sick?
  8. How are you able to do this from a different location?
  9. How long does it take to remove a spirit / entity / psychic attack because I read on one website that it can take days or weeks?  What if there are lots of them?
  10. Do you destroy the spirit / entity?
  11. My pastor / priest / guru / rabbi / group leader . . . said that we are impervious to evil as long as we stay in the church / group / etc. Is that true?
  12. What sort of people are at the highest risk?
  13. Is Psychic phenomena for real?
  14. What is Psychic attack?
  15. There are a lot of pictures and videos of Ghosts etc. on the Internet . Are they real? Many look fake...
  16. What is an energy imprint / residual?
  17. What do you think about what the Skeptics and Debunkers say?
  18. What about the TV and evangelical Exorcists ? 
  19. How are spirits able to paralyse and possess people?

I think I saw a Ghost, what could it have been?

There are many possible explanations  for this. Fraudulent claims aside, let’s look at some examples of what this can be.

Commonly , a Ghost sighting can be a result of ones imagination while intoxicated or influenced by seeing  a scary movie etc.

Going a step further, apparitions can often be a product of your subconscious. The subconscious mind is extremely powerful and supplies the conscious mind with all of the information used to make decisions ( the function of the conscious mind ). Why would the subconscious make you think you see a 'ghost' ? Well , another major function of the subconscious is to protect us . It does this mostly by developing 'programs' ( much like a computer program) to deal with situations it has deemed dangerous or detrimental to us based on previous experience.  A very simple and unfortunately common example is with obese people who in my experience to date ( and that of all of the  Mental Health Professionals I have discussed this with so far…)  were all sexually abused as a child . Their subconscious has attributed the unwanted attention to being 'attractive', and the simplest way it perceives to make them 'unattractive' and therefore 'safe', is to become extremely overweight. Right or wrong, this is how the subconscious mind works. So until these poor souls are able to release the hidden pain and trauma of the abuse and the 'program', no amount of desire/dieting/exercise, will get the weight off.

With the above example understood, you can perhaps understand that the subconscious is very powerful at controlling  a persons perceptions of things. So let’s say you are about to do something extremely dangerous and your subconscious is throwing all sorts of warnings at you and you are ignoring them. It is entirely conceivable that in a given situation, it could produce an image to 'scare' you into a different course of action to remove you from the danger.

Going beyond that, there ARE apparitions that are not imagination, and not the subconscious, but are of Paranormal origin and are very  real. To determine whether they are genuine or not is the subject for investigation. These can be loosely grouped into visual apparitions, those in photographs, and those seen in ones 'minds eye'. Beyond that there also different types , including 'residual hauntings' where an energetic imprint of an event is constantly replayed, which is something I would go into detail with a client if it was deemed necessary.

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How do I know if a spirit / entity is around me?

There are no hard and fast rules, but there are certainly some common traits relative to different kinds of entities. Further to those on the main page, some common examples of symptoms are: hearing negative voices and/or experiencing constant negative images in your mind, a lot of 'bad luck', a sudden deterioration in a relationship for no apparent reason, a sudden obsession ( with anything - a hobby, a habit, a certain country or culture, cleanliness, sex, etc. ), sudden downturn in health, a sudden fixation with a certain person, obsessive counting of everything, being woken up at night for no apparent reason, sudden and disproportionate aggression, moodiness, sulking, absent mindedness, lethargy, personality changes, extreme emotion of any kind but particularly of a negative nature, lots of bad dreams, unsubstantiated fear or hatred of a certain person, Dyslexia ( not previously present ), frequent 'brain stops' where your mind suddenly goes blank, severe drop in motivation, Clinical Lycanthropy, and so on . . . .

This is of course not to say that all of these things are definitely an entity or Psychic attack.

Then there are the physical manifestations be it in a photograph, objects moving, electrical appliances turning on and off, seeing of apparitions, hearing 'voices' or odd sounds, being physically 'touched', being held frozen to your bed, and so on . . . .
*See Testimonials and home page for other examples*

It is also important to acknowledge you own intuition . If you are feeling that there may be something around you then you are likely correct, it is much more common that you may wish to believe. Only a small percentage of people who have sought my help have had problems that had nothing at all to do with an entity or some form of psychic attack ( I was still able to help them).

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Someone told me that if I burn sage / put crosses up everywhere / chant holy Mary ( God, Buddha, Master 'so and so' etc.), all entities will leave. Is that true?

I wish it were that easy , but it is not . While certain physical items can have a slight affect on some entities ( and on people ) if they have been prepared in a certain way , the effect on entities is marginal . The same goes for 'Holy words' and chanting . If an entity leaves , it is because it's annoyed . It CAN , and usually DOES come back . In the case of psychic attack , these sort of 'games' have little or no affect at all . A lot of people make a living out of selling 'protection' in the form of objects, this is simply a scam to take your money.

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How will I know if the spirit / entity has gone?

Improvements and changes would be proportionate and relative to the original degree of influence / infection. In some cases, particularly severe ones, there have been incredible instant changes. Many people wake up the next day feeling much 'better' and 'different'. Other people notice things over the following days and weeks. Often other people will make comments about a change. Sometimes people just 'know' . Often it is a combination of all these.

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Can they come back?  I`m scared I`ll just make it angry and get worse...

This is a very valid question . I have been called to help many people who have already had some 'expert' help them to no avail , and sometimes with terrible results . Entities that I remove ABSOLUTELY DO NOT come back . I have done this with thousands of entities of all sorts and it has NEVER happened . 'Asking them to go' or 'showing them the way' as most claim to do does NOT guarantee that it has gone.  I take them and PUT them into the place where they should be  , guaranteeing the same entity can not come back and bother you. This is in accordance with Universal Law meaning that nothing is being done that is not supposed to be. A 'wrong' situation is simply being corrected. 

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How common are spirit / entity attachments?

Unfortunately far too common. It has amazed me right from the start how busy I am with this work.  In one way you can liken an entity attachment to catching a cold, infection is largely luck of the draw , and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But certainly putting oneself at risk will largely increase the chance of infection ( or re-infection ). All clients are given a comprehensive list of risk factors and measures to take ( without becoming paranoid or obsessive ) to greatly reduce the possibility of 're-infection'.

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Can a spirit / entity / psychic attack make you sick?

Absolutely yes. As a matter of fact, it is the one definite effect ( although it can be extremely subtle). It is interfering with your energy much like electrical interference can mess with your TV picture. The more severe the level of interference proportionate to your own energy, the worse the affect / symptoms. This can range from feeling lethargic and tired for no reason, to absentmindedness, and severe illness of the body and/or mind.

This is certainly NOT to say that all sickness is cause by 'heebie jeebies'. But I have seen improvements in people across the entire spectrum of physical ailments ( see examples in TESTIMONIALS ).  *note - Doctors will say that many mental illnesses are caused by an imbalance of brain chemicals and not 'entities' etc.  When asked what causes the chemical imbalances the answer is always the same - " we don't know "...

And they WILL make worse any condition you already have .

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How can you do this from a different location?

People often ask me this question. Distance makes no difference. I operate on a purely energetic level as do any spirits or entities. I go to their plane of existence ( out of body ) and take them myself to where the should be. This is the only way to do this work.
Those people you see on TV shouting and waving bibles are not really doing anything except performing. You cannot remove or alter something that is purely energetic with physical items or actions. As far `the power of God`goes, religion has nothing to do with God.
So if you are in the same room as me, or on the other side of the World like most of my clients, the method is the same.

Please think of it as like me logging onto the internet and going to your page, cutting the problem energy from there and pasting it on another page where it should be, and in many cases deleting it altogether. Those guys on TV are trying to log onto a website using a pen and paper, it isn`t going to work no matter what.

How long does it take to remove a spirit / entity / psychic attack because I read on one website that it can take days or weeks?  What if there are lots of them?

IF the work is done properly, it only takes minutes. Anyone who takes longer than that is ( if doing anything at all..) simply 'annoying' the entity until it leaves ( IF it does ) of it's own accord.  THIS DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT IT WILL NOT RETURN. Also , anyone who just 'reasons' with the spirit is doing nothing that YOU cannot do yourself, there is no special method or 'power' needed to do that.

As for the amount of them, it makes no difference to me at all . In most cases there are more than one anyway. I can clear them just as well and quickly if there is one or one hundred ( or more ).

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Do you destroy the spirit / entity?

NO !  All work is done with complete compassion . They are simply put in the highest place, where they are dealt with in the appropriate manner. Some people claim to completely 'destroy' all negative entities, this is grandstanding and NOT possible. A lost soul or spirit is simply put into the place it should have passed over to when it died but did not. Nothing can be completely destroyed, only it's physical or energy form changed. What this means is, in the case of a dark entity, if it is a lost soul that has become or been made 'bad', it is completely 'drycleaned' with ALL negative energy removed . It is then put back into the soul pool in a pure form. If the dark entity is one that has been 'constructed' out of negative energy, it's current form is 'destroyed', with the energy being changed to a positive one.

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My pastor / priest / guru / rabbi / group leader . . . said that we are impervious to evil as long as we stay in the church / group / etc. Is that true?

No , that is misleading and either naive or dishonest on their part. As a matter of fact , groups where people are exploring there 'spirituality' are generally beacons to the darker entities.

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What sort of people are at the highest risk?

While some people are certainly more desirable 'targets' depending on the entity's agenda, and a persons 'social lifestyle' or place of employment can obviously be in an area of high risk, generally speaking there is no discrimination and anyone can be affected. Part of any consultation and service involves education and risk reduction.

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Is Psychic phenomena for real?

Yes it is very real , although it really should be split into two separate catagories. The first would the '6th sense' that all human beings and animals possess , the sense of 'ambience', or 'feeling' , or 'awareness', our feeling of 'self'. The sense we have that alerts us to danger, or gives us a feeling of excitement etc. in certain situations even if there is no other stimulus. Then there is the connection to, and awareness we have of 'feelings' and 'emotions'. Anyone with a heartbeat will know what I am talking about and can not deny it's existence. The belief that a 'sense' must have an assigned body part is extremely narrow minded and to be honest a little silly. This level of Psychic ability actually accounts for probably 90% of what is passed off as 'gifts', where as in truth anyone can develop these senses to quite amazing levels.

To be honest, it still amazes me that some people still deny the existence of a 'sixth sense' when not only does it account for the above examples, but there is a phenomenal amount of Scientific proof ( that is easily accessible with a little effort ) that not only does it exist  , but it is trainable. Probably the best and most well known example of masses of controlled Scientific study and evidence, would be the Remote Viewing and Psychological Warfare programs run by practically every World Government, with the most extensive and well known being those conducted by the USA, The former Soviet Union, China, the UK, and Czechoslovakia. These countries have, and continue to spend millions of dollars developing and running these programs. Although there was a 'debunking' program run by the CIA in the mid 1990's in an attempt to take credibility away from some 'whistle blowers', Freedom of Information acts in several countries have since permitted huge volumes of research to be released, confirming what many former operatives have said, and then some...

Then we have what could really be called a 'seventh sense'. That which everyone can and does experience to a certain degree at times .That which very young children, and few truly 'gifted' adults have to an even greater level of sensitivity. The ability to see / hear / communicate with Spirits. This again is something that while is somewhat harder to 'prove', is certainly very real and has been evidenced since the beginning of human history. I can guarantee that all people have had a glimpse of this at times in their lives, but most will choose to brush it off or explain it with 'logic', with inner fear being the main reason. Human beings tend to be afraid of that which they either can't control, or can't understand. It sometimes amazes me some of the paranormal events that  people will explain with 'logic' that clearly isn't doing the job. But this is fine, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, it is our right to free choice.

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What is psychic attack?

Psychic attack is basically any form of attack directed energetically. While this does include that from spirits /entities, it is generally used to describe that which is done by human beings. This is also something that is unfortunately not uncommon at all.
The degree of affect is proportionate to many things, however it is important to understand the nature of how it works. If you can understand that everything around us is energy and therefore, can conduct energy, then you can see that it is quite possible to send not only healing energy to someone, but destructive energy as well.

 Everyone feels happiness when they are surrounded by happy people, or can feel no good around sad or angry people. This is a simple example of how we pick up on energy that others emit. It is again, the sixth sense everyone has. So if someone or something is deliberately directing negative energy at you, it will effect you, even if you can't consciously feel it. It can get much more complex than this, but perhaps you get the idea.

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There are a lot of pictures and videos of Ghosts etc. on the Internet. Are they real? Many look fake...

Yes there are a lot of photos and videos on the Internet . Unfortunately most that I've seen are fake or camera anomalies. However, there are many genuine ones also. I have taken or been given many such pictures ( some will be posted on a separate page in the future ). Science has proven quite conclusively that many forms of energy can be photographed in the right conditions, and the advent of high quality Digital cameras has gotten rid of many of the problems associated with Film cameras, as well as giving us equipment that can photograph at a much higher speed, higher resolution, and across a far greater range of the colour and energy spectrum.

Except for with very obvious examples, I always view any photos skeptically though and have done several years of extensive Camera study to know what can, and 'can't' happen with cameras. I am particularly skeptical with 'Orb' photographs. Most 'Orb' pictures are definitely dust or reflections from either a shiny object or off of the lens. However, some Orb photographs are in fact genuine pictures of Spirit energy, particularly when the photo is taken without a flash ( I tend to immediately discard anything taken with a flash as a matter of course when it comes to 'Orbs' ) or contain either distinct colours or have a straight edge . But at the end of the day, it tends to be case by case.

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What is an energy imprint / residual?

Any interaction between people, or even animals, leaves an energy imprint behind. It is like an energetic fingerprint if you like.
This is something we have all experienced and can easily relate to. We consciously acknowledge it with our sense of 'ambience' or 'awareness'.

Most of the time it is extremely weak and subtle, and generally in time will fade away . However, in the case of an extremely strong event ( be it positive or negative) the imprint is much more profound and long lasting. And it is able to have an effect on those who come into contact with it. This also goes for repeated events in the one place. This kind of energy imprint can be perpetuated everytime someone picks up on, or reacts to it. And in turn, some of it can 'stick' to you also.

 'Positive' examples would be things like a fun party venue, children
's playground, or even the home of a family that is always happy and having fun, and so on. Giving a general 'happy' feel to the place, and simply being there can be uplifting.

'Negative' examples would be things like battle fields, the scene of a violent murder or abuse, execution grounds, Emergency wards, and so on. Simply being there often makes one feel down , uneasy or even sick . Even if the history of the place is unknown. And even if the effect isn't consciously felt, it nonetheless can have a negative impact on ones health and or mental state. I have seen many examples of where peoples lives have been effected, sometimes extremely, by events that happened in their homes or businesses long before they even got there.

Many 'hauntings' are examples of extreme energy imprints, or 'residual' Spirits as some people call them. Where the energy imprint is so profound that it is like a scene from a movie that plays over and over, and people are sometimes able to see or feel this in the same place, often replayed at the same time.

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What do you think about what the Skeptics and Debunkers say?

Firstly, I'd like to make it clear that in my line of work, I also need to be a Skeptic, or should I say objective. There are many people passing themselves off as experts , and there are also many who make fraudulent claims for 'fun'.  I take my work extremely seriously and have no time or desire to go off on tangents or be led down paths wasting time. And in the case of people who honestly make mistakes about what they've experienced or whose problems are not Spirit caused, I have no interest in telling them that their problems are something that they are not. My interest is in giving them the help they need if it is within my power to do so.

Now, myself aside,  there is a real need for Debunkers to exist because as I said, not only are there  many people passing themselves off as 'Exorcists',  but there is an incredible amount of 'garbage' out there being passed off as 'Psychic Healing', 'Paranormal activity''Religious healing' etc.  It is always a good day when some of this 'stuff' get’s properly 'debunked' , and disappears .

Unfortunately though, there is an even greater amount of garbage passing itself off as 'debunking'. The largest problem is that most active Skeptics are extremely narrow minded amateurs who are usually driven by their own negative experience that they wish to purge via a crusade to 'prove' that these things don't exist, therefore no matter how much evidence they are provided with, their own fuzzy logic invariably refuses to accept it as such. For what it's worth, the same can be said for many Medical professionals. These people are more embarrassing than those they are trying to debunk.  Many calling themselves 'Scientists' have the catch-cry ''There is no proof'' and approach the subject with a completely biased and closed mind . Well, there is plenty of proof , provided by Science, as well as the general public and people in the field that is equal or greater in quality to that in many other fields.  A  real Scientist would say ''show me what you have'', and view it with an open perspective.

For what it's worth, I have had a fair share of 'Skeptics' and 'Scientists' amongst my clients over the years and in each and every case their viewpoint changed as they were faced with the reality of what they were experiencing and enlisted my help.

Another important consideration as to whether the Paranormal exists or not, is the fact that not only do many Police Departments around the World enlist the help of skilled Psychics to help with investigations, but the extremely well documented Paranormal research and Psychically based espionage programs sponsored by the US Department of Defense, The former USSR, China, The UK, and so on , to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

The bottom line is that peoples own inner fears will ultimately guide their feelings on this subject.  I am here to help those who know what they are facing and have nowhere to turn. And ultimately to me, whatever the method, the results are the most important thing.

Go to the SERVICES page and ACT NOW to regain control of your life.




What about the TV and evangelical Exorcists ?

These people are popular because they are excellent value for Television. They are 'entertaining'. The reason that there are so few of them is not because they are 'special' or 'chosen' ( ALL human beings are equally special ), but because what they are doing is basically a con and only will only really 'work' in a controlled and large scale environment. This is also why you do not hear of any of their followers or trainees rising up to the same heights. The failures are hidden and buried from the public eye, with only the hapless victims knowing what the truth is.

I am often shocked by images of these people abusing their perceived position of authority by abusing people who have looked up to them for help.

Shouting at someone, pushing them physically, accosting them with a book, throwing water  or smoke on them and so on will NOT remove any Demonic entity and would only move a Spirit if said Spirit was a devout Christian ( or whatever the Religion is) while alive and has retained enough of that belief.  Even in the case that a Spirit may have been dislodged, it is simply let loose to attach to someone else. They do not 'go to the light' because they are no longer able to, and with the darker entities, certainly don't want to. They must be taken to where they belong and it can not be done in this manner at all. To sometimes make matters worse for the Spirits concerned, you have those who invoke a certain 'diety' to take the Soul to 'heaven'. Unfortunately in a majority of cases these types of 'Exorcists' are themselves being deceived by dark Entities posing as divine spirit who are in fact taking these lost Souls to somewhere that most certainly is NOT 'heaven'.

I have many times been called to help people who have either been to one of these Evangelist shows , or have called their local Priest to come to their home, to not only have no change in their situation, but often be belittled and made to feel even worse by the words of the priest. The priests invariably excuse their own failure to help by saying that the victim is simply beyond help because they're 'too  bad of a sinner' and must repent , or in the case of many cult religions 'they have too much bad karma'.

These people use very polished  Neuro Linguistic Programming  and Hypnotherapy  techniques to  capitalize on their victims situation, faith, and desire for help, not at all unlike those methods employed by modern successful politicians, as well as the more established although crude methods used by Religions and Cults.

A vast majority of the performances by the people being  'exorcised '( those few that aren’t 'plants' working for the evangelist ) are simply a classic example of something called 'peer pressure'. Where these people are suddenly thrust into the spotlight and their subconscious mind simply supplies the required 'symptoms' and subsequent 'healing'.

I guess the bottom line is that while these 'Stars' are crying 'we do what Jesus did ', or 'I am the reincarnation of -------'. They are amassing massive fortunes at the expense of others. There is nothing wrong with earning a living by being an Exorcist or Healer, any more than it would be wrong to earn a living as a Doctor or a Carpenter. But these TV 'stars' , Religious and New Age 'leaders' are not practicing what they preach and that is hypocrisy.  That is not right.

There are genuine people out there who can and do, do this work properly and effectively, but they are largely in the background. Not jumping around on Television or pumping out self gratifying books .  And they ARE practicing what they preach.


How are spirits able to paralyse and possess people?

Paralyse ~ simply put, a short circuit to your energy meridians which can take any where from a few seconds to a few hours to wear off. Like stun gun. The other way is simply the person`s reaction to fear / shock.
Possessing is done by first attaching to major energy Chakras, then infiltrating the person`s subconscious and gradually taking it over or entering an alternative personality. This is why in severe cases just removing the entity (s) alone is not enough, and further work generally needs to be done.


Beware of Psychic Con artists and rip offs.

There are genuine and gifted healers out there who want to help you, but unfortunately there are also dishonest people making it hard for everyone. Here are 2 emails I received from a client, they are typical of the kind of rip offs out there you need to be careful of. Many dishonest `healers` follow the exact same pattern to trick people out of large sums of money:

"I have had a psychic tell me that I have a dark entity around me and it's keeping me from my soul mate who's name is Mario? She wants $8,000.00 to get rid of it. She wants me to buy a crystal and a tabernacle for the entity. Is all that necessary?"

My response:
"A - NO NO NO. Don`t do any of that. You are being conned. Get back to me if you require help, but do not pay that person that sort of money and never ever do anything for an entity. Kindest regards,"

Her reply:
"She charged me 425.00 and said she could return Mario, the man I love back to me. Now she says I have a dark entity around me that is blocking us. She wants $8000.00 to remove the entity. I love Mario with all my heart and would like him back in my life but I'm not sure how to do it. He is very angry with me right now. Can you give me any suggestions?"

This is a typical con and rip off just like any other. Please be careful of `psychics` who operate like this (unfortunately many of them). Adding insult to injury they also often try and sell you trinkets that supposedly protect you, I have seen people with homes full of this kind of useless junk that has only helped the finances of the person selling it.

Certainly it is possible like with any other course of treatment or service, to find extra issues as things progress. However in this kind of situation, a genuine psychic will see `entities` in the beginning, and even if they offer to deal with it, a price increase as mentioned above is ridiculous. Yet many people are none the wiser and pay it, only to have no change.

I have had many clients come to me after and be exceptionally annoyed that I could resolve their issues for a far lesser amount, my point being simply that genuine healers do NOT charge that sort of money and while you should be prepared to pay for someone`s time and energy and don`t expect to get satisfactory work for $30, when people start demanding thousands of dollars to `fix` a problem only they can see, it is time to look elsewhere.

This type of ruse is used in many other industries for example dishonest mechanic who keeps finding things `wrong` with your car, a dishonest handyman who finds things `worse than expected` (of course just examples, not talking about all) to rip you off.

These exact same methods are being used by people in the new age and healing areas to trick those genuinely seeking help.

Please feel free to write in with any questions you might have !

More to come ...

Anthony is an Internationally renowned and respected authority in the fields of the Paranormal,  Remote and in person Healing, Psychic abilities, Human Subconscious, Religion and Cults, and other related areas. He has travelled around the World clearing the energies of people and areas, at times at the request of Religious Organisations when they were not able to resolve issues via their own means. Anthony has also been contracted by Big Business to assist with generating successful outcomes to ventures that were suffering from interference.

Anthony has been featured in many online articles, and in print magazines such as Quantum Knowledge, Rainbow News, and Perth Womans Magazine.