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Out of the millions of Websites on the Internet you have been drawn to this one, either out of the necessity for help, or because of curiosity . Either way, everyone (including you), knows consciously that there is much more to we Human beings than merely flesh and bones.

And at least at the subconscious level, you know that not only do we have a Soul, but that there are such things as Spirits, and destructive extra sensory activity that can and do affect our lives in a profoundly negative manner, even though it’s largely in ways that are not immediately obvious. Often though, a persons inner fears and or social pressure will cause denial and a ‘head in the sand’ approach. While some issues can certainly have other more ‘accepted’ causes, and I do consider those in the process of evaluating every case, you need to be aware that in many cases Science and Medicine can not help.

If while browsing this website, ‘something’ you can’t quite put your finger on makes you uncomfortable or not like what you’re reading, you should seriously consider what that ‘something’ is…. and importantly why it doesn’t want you to read on. I have had clients in the past who had this happen, but continued and contacted me anyway. With the negative influence then removed, their lives improved dramatically.

I need you to understand one thing though – if you are looking for some sensationalist to come to your house dressed up like ‘Vincent Price’, light a hundred Incense Sticks or douse your house with Holy Water, shout at and abuse you, and perform some weird and elaborate rituals then I am probably not your guy. On the other hand if you truly desire the problem to simply and quickly disappear with no fuss or fanfare, no house call, and nobody else ever needing to know about it then I am definitely the help you are seeking.

Please read on…

Are Any Of The Serious Problems Listed Below (Or Similar) Adversely Affecting You Or Your Loved Ones…And You Are Feeling ‘Powerless’ To Find A Solution?
andrea_S_checkmark_on_circle_1 Unexplainable sensations of being touched, held down or even strangled
andrea_S_checkmark_on_circle_1 Extreme ‘bad luck’
andrea_S_checkmark_on_circle_1 See dark flashes or lights out of the corner of your eye
andrea_S_checkmark_on_circle_1 ‘Brain stops’, where any thought process is suddenly stopped or erased
andrea_S_checkmark_on_circle_1 Suffer from Multiple personalities and/or Bi-Polar
andrea_S_checkmark_on_circle_1 Unexplained physical problems – such as pain from an undetermined cause.
andrea_S_checkmark_on_circle_1 Hearing negative voices and/or experiencing constant negative images in your mind.
andrea_S_checkmark_on_circle_1 Seeing spirits or entities
andrea_S_checkmark_on_circle_1 Depression and thoughts of suicide
andrea_S_checkmark_on_circle_1 Your child reports any of the above, or has imaginary friends
andrea_S_checkmark_on_circle_1 Your child is the victim of aggressive bullying
andrea_S_checkmark_on_circle_1 Paranormal events at home or work
andrea_S_checkmark_on_circle_1 See unexplainable, frightening images in photographs
andrea_S_checkmark_on_circle_1 Sudden cravings for alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc – especially after surgery or a traumatic event
andrea_S_checkmark_on_circle_1 Irrational fears and phobias
andrea_S_checkmark_on_circle_1 Sudden drastic changes in behavior or character – such as increased anger, violence
andrea_S_checkmark_on_circle_1 Have a serious illness of unknown cause
andrea_S_checkmark_on_circle_1 Experience a profound and unexplained loss of energy
andrea_S_checkmark_on_circle_1 Have frequent, vivid night terrors and nightmares
andrea_S_checkmark_on_circle_1 Suffer from panic or anxiety attacks
andrea_S_checkmark_on_circle_1 The victim of a stalker
andrea_S_checkmark_on_circle_1 Unjustly victimised by a vindictive Boss, job superior, ex-spouse/partner etc.
andrea_S_checkmark_on_circle_1 Dyslexia ( not previously present )
andrea_S_checkmark_on_circle_1 Clinical Lycanthropy ( belief that one transforms into an animal )
. . . and so on .


 If you are experiencing any, or several of the above symptoms, there is a high probability that you are the victim of Paranormal interference and you need to take action NOW. This interference could be either from a Spirit entity, or from a person or people who have a grudge against you. Despite what you may think, this sort of thing is extremely common and many of those around you right now are also either experiencing these things, or have done in the past. One of the main problems in Western culture in particular is the fear of ridicule, keeping many people silent about their experiences. However get them to open up behind closed doors and you would be very surprised how many people acknowledge belief in Spirits and Entities.


“If any of the issues above resonate with you and you have nowhere else to turn I can help you no matter where you are – anywhere in the World. All work is guaranteed to be 100% remote, and 100% discreet. I have well over 15 years full time professional international experience, successfully healing the problems above (and more) for people like you… when absolutely nothing else would work.”


I fully realise how difficult it can be to acknowledge and face up to the possibility, or reality of interference in your life by something you cannot understand. Many people who contact me are quite nervous and are afraid of sounding ‘crazy’. Please be assured that feeling this way is natural in modern society and completely normal, but that there is nothing you can say that I have not heard before and you will be taken seriously and treated with respect and complete confidentiality.

With me you will receive straight answers and straight talking with no flowery terminology to baffle and confuse you. You will never be judged. All help given is totally unbiased – I am not affiliated with any Religious or New Age groups or associations of any kind.

“When I contacted Spirit Entity Removal I felt relieved. I finally found the answers to my many questions. He removed all the entities that were around me, my family, and my house. He could answer everything. He knew what was happening to me. He is a very honest, intelligent, professional and trustworthy man to which I have a great amount of respect for. He has given back my life to me. I know through my experience that there is absolutely nothing that he cannot do to help anyone who is experiencing problems that are Spiritual and to do with Entities.
Brenda, Christchurch, New Zealand


One day my parents called a really nice man, he made all my Terrible and Horrifying Spiritual Experiences stop and all the mean Entities were gone. He listened to me. I remember my friend at school telling me that she could feel things on her bed and that spirits were talking to her at night, she told her mom and her mom told her to stop being silly. I know she wasn’t being silly. Lucky my parents listen and understand what I am saying but they couldn’t stop all the awful things that were happening to me. But he knew what I was talking about, and understood what was happening to me. He took all the spirits away and I no longer have any Terrible or Horrifying Spiritual Experiences anymore.
Piper ( N.Y. USA )

Now you might be asking yourself ‘How on earth can someone fix all these issues and remove spirit entities remotely?’ It may be hard to grasp that these problems can be resolved remotely, but please understand that with all of these issues, we are dealing with things that are in a pure energy form. You can NOT remove or change something completely non-physical with physical means. I operate at an energetic level at and above that of these things which is the only way it can be properly done. Because it is done at a purely energetic level, distance etc. becomes irrelevant, therefore it makes no difference to the work if I am in the same room or on the other side of the World. The testimonials within this website from satisfied clients attest to that.

If you have a problem person in your life and want a rapid, peaceful solution then I recommend you seek Spirit Entity Removal‘s assistance. I don’t know how he does what he does but all I know is that it works. I have since referred my best friend who was being stalked by an extremely jealous and violent ex-girlfriend. He reported back to me that the week after he did his thing the harassment whittled down to nothing and now three weeks on he never hears from her.
John Carol (UK)


If you are experiencing any of the issues above or anything else you feel may be related, I urge you to contact me now and start your life on the road to rapid recovery.

If you still have reservations please take the time to review the FAQ and Testimonial pages and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding the help I can provide you.


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Spiritentityremoval.com as been featured in many online articles, and in print magazines such as Quantum Knowledge, Rainbow News, and Perth Woman’s Magazine.

An Internationally renowned and respected authority in the fields of the Paranormal, Remote and in person Healing, Psychic abilities, Human Subconscious, Religion and Cults, and other related areas. He has traveled around the World clearing the energies of people and areas, at times at the request of Religious Organisations when they were not able to resolve issues via their own means. He has also been contracted by Big Business to assist with generating successful outcomes to ventures that were suffering from interference.

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