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Services & Readings             


All work is done for the highest good, from the highest and most powerful level, with strict ethics and always with your best interests in mind.
Please rest assured that there is nothing that you can confide in me that I have not heard before. You will be taken seriously and treated with respect and complete confidentiality. I do not look at or interfere with any other aspect of your life at all, I am only concerned with resolving the issue you have contacted me about.


You will receive a detailed price quote with your Free No-Obligation consultation.




All types, all situations from people, homes, businesses, places, and possessions. All entities are instantly and absolutely removed and put where they should be. They can never return to harm you again . You will also be provided with Subconscious healing and education if needed to make sure you get the maximum benefit from the work done. Everyone can benefit from a clearing no matter their age, and even if they don`t have entity or spirit problems because they are cleared of all energy that isn`t serving them, and their energy system and Aura are restored to their ideal condition. Discount rates are available for clearings of more than one person and there are packages available for families. I am finding that most people tend to go for the Group/Family option as often other family members are affected, and in some cases are part of the cause of what is happening. It also makes sense to not leave loved ones out. Please feel free to inquire as to what would be suitable in your situation.




Psychic attack is an increasing problem with there being many websites, books, and magazines promoting the use of many kinds of ‘Witchcraft’ to control, affect, and harm others. This can be effectively stopped.
There are also protective  packages available if you work in a field that exposes you to negative or unwanted energies on a regular basis, or if you are perhaps concerned about the safety of someone whom you have no direct control over such as a loved one living in a different area.


“I know that the person that initiated this attack on me most likely paid several thousand dollars to do so. I cannot believe that you were able to save, my family, my business and myself for a mere fraction of the cost – thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Jerry B. Ventura. Calif USA




Many people these days are recognizing that there can be unseen reasons for problems with their partner – perhaps you are experiencing this yourself. With a Relationship clearing, stale and or negative energy between you is cleared away permanently and replaced with neutral energy to allow issues to be resolved more easily and quickly. By using a neutral energy, you will be able to see the situation honestly and evaluate it on it`s own true merits and make decisions uncoloured by external energetic interference.

Also, during the course of a relationship clearing, other hidden issues are often revealed either as part of the clearing, or as a result of it. For example there may be issues that you or your partner have not been able to bring up, or perhaps not even been able to put your finger on yourself, yet suddenly they become known and you are able to express your concerns and either clear the air, or resolve issues that were previously unknown but were preventing you from having a fully healthy and loving relationship.

“He is quite thorough in his reporting of the work he does removing negative energies and clearing dark entities.  He was able to pick up on specific explanations for a psychic attack that had been placed on me, that resonated with actual experience I had had overseas. My significant other and I are now getting along.  I truly believe that there were negative forces keeping us from communicating in a way where we could hear each other.  I am convinced that there are energies that can create addictions and other problems for a person and in their relationships.I am grateful for his help since now my relationship has a chance and I feel much clearer than I have in a long time. Thank you!”
Heather.  (Singapore)




This involves energetically containing a problem individual who is bothering you or someone you care about. This is very effective against Psychic attacks, Stalkers, vindictive Bosses, Bullies, and so on. Obviously in some situations such as a work environment, your ‘attacker’ will not suddenly disappear (in most cases), but the clearing of problem energy and containment of the individual is generally enough to at the very least take the edge off of a volatile situation, and over time dissolve into nothing. The person is not harmed in any way at all, they just ‘lose interest’ in you/their victim, usually quite rapidly.

In simple terms imagine containment is like putting someone in an energetic jar, and closing the lid. They are left an  ‘air hole’ so they can breathe and carry on their own life, but they are not able to send anything negative out of the jar or escape from it.



Removal of foreign or unwanted energy/energy imprints from physical items, homes, workplaces, farming areas, murder scenes, homes after violent ex-tenants and so on.





This involves the return of your personal energy from those people or entities who have taken them from you either on purpose or simply through interaction. This process can have results varying from a nominal increase in health and ‘luck’, to being profoundly empowered.






People often wonder about a relative or friend who has died, and whether they passed on to where they should have safely or not. I actually get quite a few requests like this one, it is a lovely gesture of love and compassion.
I follow most of the same procedure as for a clearing on someone who is living, so the passed on Soul does also receive healing and clearing of any negativity they may have taken with them.




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I consider this such an important and potentially life-changing service that I have dedicated an entire page to it. Please click here to learn more



 The events and actions of one’s past lives can often have an ongoing affect on the present life. Generally one is able to deal with these things as part of life`s learning and growth process, however, in present times there is an increasing number of things ( including those listed above ) that can adversely impact on ones ability to deal with these things. Many people are now tied down with past life issues that they cannot resolve, past life ties that they cannot break, and Karma that they cannot resolve. Leaving them in a gradual downward spiral that they cannot pull themselves out of. By effectively cutting past ties to people or events ( and in some cases knowing what these were ), and having their karma resolved to a level that they can comfortably deal with, people are able to see great improvements in many areas of their lives.




Whatever your chosen path, I can help you to climb that mountain, or to stop and admire the view!
Whatever your chosen path, I can help you to climb that mountain, or to stop and admire the view!
There is much out there today being touted as Spiritual truth and guidance. But it can be difficult for the seeker to know what to listen to, and what to stay away from. Many people starting out on a ‘spiritual path’, or what they believe is one, are often not really aware of what it is they are wanting to achieve or discover. This is ok, but the fact of the matter is, just being human is already the most important factor in spiritual growth. One must first be a master of living, before one can be a master of Spirituality. Unfortunately many get caught in the spiral of being ‘spiritual’, and forget the other equally important aspects of being human, aspects that ignored, actually hamper and even harm real spiritual growth. But it is possible to grow and advance spiritually, and as a person. It is in the balance that this is achieved.
While everyone’s path is different, the guidelines and formula are the same for everyone.Upon request.  Done via email / Live chat ( Skype, Google messenger, MSN, Yahoo messenger ), or telephone. Subjects include: Universal Laws ( all 30 ), Psychic development ( all areas ), Safe meditation practice, Healing, Protection, balancing one’s life, Life lessons, past lives, etc.  Feel free to email me to discuss what it is you are looking for or are interested in and the cost involved.
See the devoted Spiritual Guidance page for more information.


Specific Ability Training

 For those wishing to learn healing or psychic abilities, instruction via email or Skype is available. Please email for details.



  There are many New age courses sold that promise to increase your abilities, give you the special power of so and so, etc. What these courses tend to neglect to address amongst other things are the important differences between men and women. While the absolute basics are the same, men and women have different kinds of energy, process information differently, interpret energy differently, have different strengths and weaknesses, and approach many things in a different way.

With the service I provide, I clear and enlarge your energy centers and psychic centers, and provide specific training exercises to help increase your abilities ( or open up new ones ) in the manner best suited to you.

Many of my clients have gone on to become very powerful Healers and Psychics.
I take responsibility for this service and there are several important points I wish you to understand:

1. I can raise your psychic centers and abilities energetically to the highest level possible based on your own life plan.

2. Everyone`s level of such is different. So if for example you are already very close to it, you may have minimal (although important) change, but most people I have worked with have improved significantly.

3. To make the most of it, you need to do work yourself. It is extremely simple in practice, but it only works if done. Many people are lazy, this is reality and doing the further work to get results is the responsibility of the individual. I can give you the tools, and show you how to use them, but you still have to pick them up and use them.

4. If you in particular want to be awakened more to entities and energies, you need to understand what that means, and you would need to be diligent with protection.

If you understand and accept these points, then I can confidently say that I can help you in this regard better (and more safely ) than anyone else you will likely find.




Subconscious mental ‘road blocks’ that are limiting or hampering your life can be removed or reprogrammed INSTANTLY – forget the years of therapy or hit and miss attempts with hypnosis. Not only will I do this for you with key beliefs, but will also educate you and supply you with proven material and techniques to empower you to be able to do this for yourself and others.

Subconscious Belief-system Reprogramming is the most powerful thing you can ever do for yourself because when your subconscious has been conditioned, it will resist any change to those patterns and will constantly pull you back to your old ways of thinking and prevent you from making the changes you want and need, regardless of whether you have had any spiritual problems or not. And in the case of those who have, you need to act quickly to make the most of your new freedom and put yourself in the absolute best position to move on with your life positively.

 14_37568 is an Internationally renowned and respected authority in the fields of the Paranormal,  Remote and in person Healing, Psychic abilities, Human Subconscious, Religion and Cults, and other related areas. He has traveled around the World clearing the energies of people and areas, at times at the request of Religious Organizations when they were not able to resolve issues via their own means. Anthony has also been contracted by Big Business to assist with generating successful outcomes to ventures that were suffering from interference.

He has been featured in many online articles, and in print magazines such as Quantum Knowledge, Rainbow News, and Perth Womans Magazine.