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Home / Property Clearing

Removal of foreign or unwanted energy/energy imprints from homes, workplaces, farming areas, murder scenes, homes after violent ex-tenants etc. Personal possessions also can be cleared.
Most people are blissfully unaware of the past history of their home and the energy attached to it. There are many reasons to do an energetic house clearing for your home or business. Some people will want to do a house clearing because they feel that their homes are haunted, others are moving into a new home and would like to to remove all the energy of the previous owners or tenants, as well as after periods of big change such as after a divorce, a period of many arguments, or a death in the family.

After an energetic clearing of a home, families report changes such as more harmonious relationships, better health, more energy, less stress and sleep that is more restful, more peaceful pets. If it has been on the market for a long time or has been foreclosed upon, a home or business is quite possibly filled with disharmonious energies and thought forms.

A business can benefit from a clearing to improve sales or the work atmosphere.

There are many possible scenarios, but it is possible to clear negative energies and entities from anywhere in the world.

Situations that may indicate the need for a clearing:

*You or your children feeling uncomfortable or even fear in your own home or work place.
*Animals acting strange or agitated.
*Electrical appliance troubles,  alarms or lights go on or off.
*Unexplained sounds in the night.
*Objects disappearing, perhaps even reappearing someplace else.
*Moods or feelings that only occur in a certain room, or at certain times of the day.
*Run of bad luck, accidents, vandalism or theft.

*Cold spots.
*Strange odors with no explanation.
*House or Business stuck on the Market.
*Arguing or conflict at home or work that is disproportionate.
*Children afraid and/or insisting there’s something there, but you don’t notice anything.
*Poor sleep, constant fatigue or illness.


The home you purchased was sold due to a divorce.

A home that is furnished with antiques or used furniture.

The previous owners had a serious physical or mental illness.

A death or other tragedy occurred in the home.

The former occupants were addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Negative energy can also be brought into a home from guests, workers, former and current tenants. Negative energy can also flow into homes that have a close physical proximity to certain types of property for example by a hospital, mental institution or nursing home, or in the vicinity of a halfway house or rehab, or a Military complex.

Please read the Testimonials below to see the amazing changes people have experienced after a Property Clearing!


exorcist testimonials


“…A couple changes that I’ve noticed so far is that my son is calmer. He still gets upset when things don’t go his way but he seems more able to control himself, whereas previously he’d just lose it and start shouting. With my wife, I have noticed that she is getting out of bed earlier than usual, seems more positive, and we are not fighting which I take as a very positive sign. I look forward to more changes coming slowly over time…”
Karl. (Canada)


“I asked Anthony to do a clearing of my Car sales business. Stock just wasn’t moving like it should. I had used Anthony for other work in the past, so decided to see if he could help me with my business as well. He did a clearing and a kind of blessing on the business and within a week sales were definitely improved. I have waited another couple of weeks to see, but so far it has stayed good and I would say that overall we have seen an improvement of at least 35%.
Paul. (USA)


“My headaches are gone, the dog has stopped going bonkers, and the Pub has sold!!! Thank you so much. We were beginning to think we’d never sell it.”
Gabriel. (UK)

“…and Anthony we have a buyer for the house in Belgium FINALLY! Unlike all the previous people, he basically took one look through it and said he wanted it! We were shocked haha. Thank you so much for doing this for us, it really sounds like it needed it going by your report…”
Simone. (Switzerland)