Paranormal Photographs

These are some samples of photographs that either I have taken, or have been given to me by clients over the years. I have studied cameras and photography extensively and am aware of the human brain’s fondness for making faces out of things. I am very objective when examining photographs. It is only when a photograph or film is beyond explanation and is also representative of what can actually be seen consistently, then it is considered to be possibly genuine. In many cases, people are also able to make a strong energetic connection with the things seen in some photographs. In the case of those on this page, they have

all been cleared so there is no need for concern in that regard.There are many more, but the following examples represent a variety of what actually can be photographed. These are mostly scans of original photographs so please forgive the poor quality in some cases.

A note on ‘orb’ photographs *

‘Orb’ photographs are very common and popular in paranormal research and certainly there are some orb photographs that are of genuine interest. However in my experience and belief, the vast majority are flash reflections off of dust or moisture particles etc or camera anomalies. As a general rule, I ignore any orb pictures that are taken with the use of a Camera flash. If you have an orb picture that was taken without a flash, then you may have something.


Ghost child

Ghost and car


demon window

car paranormal ghost


demon car boy

Ghost in church


demons (2)


More examples to come at a later date.

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