Negative Press / On line slander  scam??


I have created this page to deal with several false accusations about myself that have recently appeared on the Internet. Up until now I have not been bothered by them and have ignored them for the most part until this one was brought to my attention recently:


“Anthony, he is self styled psychic and exorcist whatever…
He just taking money from customer by his fraud work and that charge is very expensive. However nothing work. And he changes the word before he started serves and after it serves. I know why he needs to change words because of he must present an excuse for inconvenience. I saw some another person made review also complain about his fake psychic.
If you are decent and common sense DO NOT EVER BELIEVE HIM AND DO NOT WAIST YOUR MONEY TO HELP HIS LIVELIHOOD. He is not professional. He is just FRAUD.
He making customer by Facebook at random. Please be careful you will not want to be deceived by his kind words.”


This has been placed on several websites all owned by a Keith Davies, a resident of Stockport in the UK. I was able to find this out by simply doing a Whois search on the ownership of the websites. I telephoned this person directly and was hung up on rather quickly with them not wanting to discuss the matter at all it seems. I can categorically say that this person is not a client of mine past or present, and in fact amongst the websites owned by this person, there are some that promote extremist religious views, sell ‘New Age  gadgets’, and promote spiritual  practices that I consider dangerous and am against. Therefore his motives to defame me are rather obvious.

Regarding his claims that I am ‘expensive’, I am not at all, and in many cases literally 100 times cheaper than others who claim to do similar work. I have had many clients say that I was the only one to help them and I also had the lowest price for the work done.

Regarding his claim that I change what I say, well of course some things will change from the initial consultation when I only have the clients information to go by, and the actual results of what I find after doing the work. That is common sense!

Regarding the claim that I never see or talk to my clients, well that is ridiculous. While most of my clients are in fact remotely helped, I speak directly with many, and have also worked with many people face to face.

Finally regarding the claim that I target people randomly via Facebook, sorry but I don’t even have a FaceBook page! !

‘Articles’ like these are scams by people who have a vested interest in harming my reputation, and the work I do. It is said that  “you know you are doing a good job, and are making a difference when people try to defame you”.

I have worked directly on over 6000 people in many countries over the years I have been doing this work. There have been magazine articles written about me by well known and respected publications, online articles, and I referred to on many forums. If I were a fraud or a ‘scammer’, there would certainly be many people saying so. However there are not.

During the course of my work, I am often called to ‘undo’ work done by other ‘healers’, or by those who use their gifts to harm someone. This sometimes gets back to these people and they do not like it. It in turn has come back to me on occasion that some of these people will say inflammatory things about me on their websites, and some have gone as far as making false claims to websites that encourage people to complain about businesses, and ironically this itself is the real scam.

Here is another one posted on ‘Scamchecker’, which simply put, is an extortion site to get business owners to pay $299 to have the ‘complaints’ removed:

“He is liar. He doesn’t have any special power. He just taking money from customer. If he become something inconvenience situation he never contact to customer again and never refund money either. The web site informed “This interference could be either from a Spirit entity, or from a person or people who have a grudge against you. ” “All types, all situations from people, homes, businesses, places, and possessions. All entities are instantly and absolutely removed and put where they should be. They can never return to harm you again . ” This is completely lie. And he is very racist. His words on Facebook is racial discrimination words. He just scammer. No body want to believe him. “

Getting more creative now…
Regarding me posting ‘racist’ comments on FaceBook, that is absolutely ridiculous. I see there are none quoted in this story, because there are none. I live in Asia and have friends and clients from all races and cultural backgrounds, you will find no one more racially tolerant than myself. Also as stated above, I am not even on FaceBook anyway

The ‘best’ one is on the ‘Scam checker’ website directed at this website and reads as follows:

“You may want to know that Anthony was arrested for practicing without a license for the last year, insurance fraud and sexually touching a female adult client while giving her a massage. He was running his business called “Healing Hands” in Rochester, NY. Don’t just take my word for it, check it out online….it’s all over the internet!! I have a vested interest in this because I did receive a massage from him and I do believe he was illegally taping his clients in the rooms and selling this footage. There are several other charges pending against him. I have already contacted the police.”

This is NOT even me, and is exceptionally ridiculous for several reasons. 1 being that not only am I not American, but I have never even been to the United States. 2, I have never had a business called “Healing Hands” nor have I ever done massage on clients. Seriously the stories these people are coming up with just get sillier. Here is a direct link to the arrest of the man with the same name as myself that proves this isn’t me if you compare the photograph to those of myself… I am not African American!!

For those of you who have seen some of these online, and are having doubts about myself or my work, I assure you that all of the testimonials found on this website are genuine, and there is a long line of former clients who have kindly offered to personally vouch for myself and my work, therefore if you wish to speak directly with one of these people it can be arranged.

Thank you for reading.