Power Stones

Natural Crystal Power Stone accessories.

Custom made for you using the correct natural Crystals relative to your problem or area you wish to empower, fully charged by myself to maximize their effect.

Due to many inquiries into the possibility of creating personal pieces, I am now producing the following items for clients on request and they can be sent to you anywhere in the World.

A growing number of people are coming to understand and experience the energetic and even healing properties of Crystals. While Crystals alone are not the answer to all one’s problems, they can assist you in your endeavors to heal and grow, and reach your full potential.

Many people are reporting results soon after receiving these both by simply wearing them, and also in tandem with their own energy work and meditation.

Testimonials from some of the recipients are found further down the page.

Medium Quartz Crystal and hemp Necklace

The Necklaces are made from high quality Hemp cord with several
colors available, and can include one large Crystal, or many.
Fasteners can be either wooden or metal, with wood recommended as
it will absolutely not interfere with the energy of the Crystals.

The most popular choices for Necklaces are one large or medium
Crystal such as in the one pictured to the left, or a Chakra set with

the Crystal relative to the Chakra you most want to charge and
strengthen being the largest and in the center, with Crystals for the
remaining 6 major Chakras on either side of the main Crystal.

         They can be made to any length.

Multi Crystal Chakra Bracelet

Bracelets can be made with a variety of
fastener types.

Large Rose Quartz Compassion Powerstone Necklace

Large Clear Quartz Crystal and hemp Necklace

Tomoe Pendant with leather Necklace                    

While most Necklaces are made using the Crystals in their
natural shape and simply polished, carved and shaped Crystal can also be
Common styles are sphere, egg shape, and Tomoe.

More product pictures and descriptions will be added soon!

Please email your request and I will give you a price and estimated time for completion.


I bought one of Anthony’s necklaces a little while ago to hopefully help me strengthen my Throat Chakra and complement my own healing work. Well goodness me, I can’t stop talking, and not just anything. I am definitely feeling the difference in my ability to express myself which up to now had really been a problem at work.
Amanda B(Tokyo, Japan)


I have been a client of Anthony in the past, and asked him if he could make the energy of Crystals stronger. He made a really nice little bracelet with all the Chakra colors for me to try, and i’m sure that my energy has picked up especially when I meditate.
I’m really happy with it and would recommend Anthony’s bracelets to anyone looking for something more than just an accessory.

Candice Walker(Australia)


I own two of Anthony’s necklaces. Because of the transformations I felt as a result of wearing them, I bought one for my sister after leg surgery. Before I gave it to her, her mood was dark and focused completely on the negative. She was in pain constantly and always complaining. The necklace made such a difference in her, her mood picked up within a day, and her attitude to her situation really improved. Now she won’t take it off!


I met Anthony many years ago and was immediately drawn to his energy, strength and compassion, and he did work for my family and me many times. When I saw that he was custom making power bracelets for people I ordered one out of curiosity more than anything, but was surprised at the warmth I felt from it right away. Since I have been wearing it, people definitely react to me differently so I know it isn’t simply wishful thinking on my part, it had really done something positive for me.Thank you as always Anthony.

Rachel(Gold Coast)

I do a lot of Qi Gong to help me relax, but was really having trouble staying grounded. I asked Anthony to make me a Bracelet to help me, and what he crafted while simple, seems to have helped me as I feel better, and do not suffer nervousness like I did before talking in front of people (I work in marketing).