While the primary focus of this website is the clearing of Spirit/energetic interference from your life, this is only one aspect of what I do and I am often asked to do readings for people as well. During the course of the healing work I perform on clients, many different kinds of information becomes available to me, as naturally not all problems are caused by Spirit, even if that is a large factor in what is happening. I usually pass this information on, but I am generally able to get more specific information on certain topics if that is the focus of what I am doing. Therefore I am offering this service via this page.

Much of the information I get is unique, not only as information gleaned from a reading and generally not available elsewhere, but unique in the degree of insight that can be had into your own psyche, why you are here, and what direction you should be going in and so on. These readings tend to be simple (as in not complicated to understand), but direct.  Also, I will not provide volumes of text if it is not necessary. The majority of readers and so called channelers out there tend to waffle on to give the impression of a lot of information being passed on, whereas they are in fact simply talking a lot, but not saying much.

The most important thing is the quality of the information, not just the volume. As I like to say, it is the volume in the words, not the volume of the words, that is important.

In regards to the most commonly available readings out there, it is perhaps one of the great ironies of this kind of work, that the better you view and therefore know the future, the more effect you will have on it and the more some aspects of it can, and will change. Many times, the very act of getting information about the future changes the future to make some of the readers information incorrect.  It doesn’t mean that that future was not there at the time the process started. The reading was perhaps accurate when it was done. The fact that the future changed because of the viewing does not mean that the process failed.

Therefore I view a reading not as a means to tell people what is going to happen to them (because due to many universal factors, even the best readings in the World will be around 80% correct at best), or what they should do, but as an avenue to give a person insights as to why they are experiencing certain things, likely directions their current course of action will take them, and also greater understanding, and therefore acceptance of themselves.

The events and actions of one’s past lives can often have an ongoing affect on the present life. Generally one is able to deal with these things as part of life`s learning and growth process, however, in present times there is an increasing number of things that can adversely impact on ones ability to deal with these things. Many people are now tied down with past life issues that they cannot resolve, past life ties that they cannot break, and Karma that they cannot resolve. Leaving them in a gradual downward spiral that they cannot pull themselves out of. By effectively cutting past ties to people or events ( and in some cases knowing what these were ), and having their karma resolved to a level that they can comfortably deal with, people are able to see great improvements in many areas of their lives.

How much information can I get on past lives? The honest answer is that it tends to be case by case. However I will at the very least get detailed information on one past life, and possibly information on several. On average I get information on 3 past lifetimes.

The degree of specifics can range from basic information such as location, culture, important experiences, and a general time period. To a name, family details, exact location, occupation, cause of death, and other details.

I consider this such an important and potentially life-changing service that I have dedicated an entire page to it. Please go to the Life Lessons page to learn more.


I often am asked if I can look at couples, or potential couples to see if they are ‘compatible’ and can have a successful relationship.

I am also asked to look at couples who have broken up and are wanting to know if there is any hope or reason to try and patch things up, or whether they should simply move on.

Do these cases apply to you?

The reading I will provide you with is not to ‘decide’ whether or not you are able to be together or not (almost anything can work), but more to give an idea of what problems may arise, possible personality conflicts, and give you an idea of what to expect and plan for.

Therefore helping you decide whether it is ‘worth it’ or not to persevere with the relationship.

All readings are US$139, please email for details or to make a payment for services.

Other readings are available upon request. For any questions about the above, or other Readings please feel free to email me at