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Can a Spirit or Entity make you sick?

Hello everyone. So today’s topic / question is one I get quite a lot. “Can a Spirit or Entity make you sick?”

The answer to that is yes. Even in the case where it is not directly attached to you, or where it is perhaps the spirit of a passed love one who has not crossed over.

Think of it as like electrical interference.

All people can feel the energy of others consciously, even if it is simply a feeling of comfort around loved ones, or a bad feeling when you walk into a Bar or Hospital.

When someone dies and does not cross over to the other side they retain certain parts of their energy they had as a human, which can clash with that of living people causing ‘interference’. Like for example in the old days when using a Hairdryer would mess up the Television or Radio reception, it is a similar thing where if the energy of a spirit mixes with yours, it can and will upset your own energy and over time can affect anything from your emotional state, to your physical health. In the case of negative entities the affect is similar and in some cases even worse as it tends to be specifically targeted.

I have had many clients who had been diagnosed with a particular mental or physical illness or condition which mysteriously disappeared after a clearing. This is certainly not to say that all cases of illness (mental or physical) are caused by spirit, but it illustrates the degree that people can be affected, and often the treatments or results (either prescription medicines, self abuse, or illicit drugs) can exacerbate the initial conditions and the victim begins a downward spiral from which they cannot escape. Other common symptoms are lethargy despite no physical illness, absent mindedness at a relatively young age, unexplained mood swings, and so on.

At the end of the day like anything, if one suspects there may be something of this nature going on it is wise to have it properly checked out to either dismiss it, or have it appropriately dealt with.

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