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“What is psychic attack?”

Hi everyone, today’s post is answering a common question I get from clients.

“What is psychic attack?”

Well,  the term ‘psychic attack’ is used to describe several situations, however the common thread is that in all cases it is perpetrated by one or more human beings.  Other common terms are ‘black magic’ and ‘curses’, but can also include what is sometimes referred to as ‘psychic vampirism’ where someone (not always consciously) takes the energy of those around them. We also can use this term for negative energy you have picked up over the years from negative emotion directed at you such as during arguments, being bullied, and so on. This accumulated energy can and will over time affect your own energy and emotional state, and possibly even your health.

There are many ways it can be done directly with common methods being; attacking the subconscious, chakras, and or using dark spirit to affect the victim. In some cases all of the above are employed.

Another common method is utilising ‘group meditations’ or ‘group prayer’ sessions to get inside of the energy of the victim, with the  perpetrators intent ranging from simply stealing the victim’s energy, to emotional and mental control. This sort of thing is unfortunately quite common with religious cults and many new age groups.

The good news is that all forms of psychic attack can be completely removed and cleared enabling the victim to get on with a normal life.

Have a great day 🙂